Stop Putting Up With Slow Drains

Stop Putting Up With Slow Drains

Get drain cleaning services from an expert in Silver Spring, MD

Nothing is more bothersome than dealing with slow drains. While using store-bought drain cleaners could solve the problem temporarily, you might have a bigger issue on your hands. Khai Plumbing & Drain, LLC can perform a sewer line clearance on your pipes to clear any tough clogs. A sewer line clearance can also help keep your pipes in good shape by keeping corrosive materials from building up.

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Signs your drain needs to be cleaned

Clogged drains can have disastrous effects on your plumbing. Call Khai Plumbing & Drain right away if:

  • Your sinks and shower are draining slowly
  • A bad odor is coming from your drains
  • You hear a bubbling noise coming from your toilet
  • Water is leaking from beneath your toilet

If you are experiencing any of these issues, contact us to schedule drain cleaning services in Silver Spring, MD or surrounding areas.