Don't Put Up With a Broken Garbage Disposal

Don't Put Up With a Broken Garbage Disposal

Schedule garbage disposal repair services in Silver Spring, MD

Few things are less appetizing than a smelly garbage disposal. Oftentimes, this odor is the result of a blockage. Contact Khai Plumbing & Drain, LLC, and let the experts look into it. During our garbage disposal repair process, we'll troubleshoot your garbage disposal to get to the root of the problem. Then we'll make any necessary repairs. If we find that your garbage disposal is beyond repair, we'll replace it with a new one.

If you need garbage disposal repairs, call us at 240-460-5041 to make an appointment.

Upgrade your sewage system

If waste has trouble making its way to your septic tank, you may need an upgrade. A new sump pump will put less strain on your sewer system by:

  • Keeping waste water flowing smoothly
  • Preventing waste from building up and damaging your septic system
  • Transporting waste safely from lower-level areas

Sewage grinding pumps are also a great way to improve your sewage system. Because sump pumps are essential to some homes, it's important you have regular sump pump repairs and maintenance.

Contact us today if you need a sump pump repair or installation in the Silver Spring MD area.